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CEO of Blue IT Marketing Pty LTD. 
  • SEO Specialist, 
  • Website Developer, 
  • Landing Page Development, 
  • Article Writing, and Blogger. 
I am a Freelancer,and  Entrepreneur. 
My Freelancing Portfolio Website is Freelancing Solutions and i also have a website dedicated to providing Freelancing Jobs and another one for hosting Freelancing Portfolio for other freelancers.

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Justice Ndou

Creating business and freelancing jobs solutions

Justice Ndou. CEO and Founder of Blue IT Marketing and Freelancing Solutions, also working as a Webmaster of freelancing solutions website and blue it...

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Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Freelancing Solutions-SEO GUIDE-Access the only SEO Book to get you ranked on Google First Page our SEO Strategy Guide

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Working on freelance writing jobs

Working on freelance Writing Jobs From the beginning to being a successful freelance writer learn how to successfully work on freelance writing jobs

Friday, 31 October 2014

Freelancing Solutions Freelancing Portfolio

our website development portfolio-WordPress Development Portfolio-Software Development Portfolio-SEO Portfolio-Articles Portfolio and Landing Page Portfolio.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

How to find freelancing jobs

if you are wondering how to start working on freelancing jobs with freelancing solutions and benefit from our free memberships and also our premium plan to get more quality freelancing jobs then visit our website for more information.

Freelancing Solutions Freelancing Jobs Blog

Freelancing Solutions Blog[/caption] Freelancing Solutions Freelancing Jobs Blog Freelancing Solutions official blog on: freelance jobs or freelancing jobs Freelance Writing Jobs SEO Freelance...

Welcome to Freelancing Solutions Start working on freelance jobs

Freelancing Solutions Freelance Jobs. Start working as a freelancer today or hire our freelancers absolutely free of charge. The only thing you need to do is to subscribe to start working. Anyone can work in freelancing solutions as an employer or a...

Saturday, 26 July 2014

About Justice Ndou

About Justice Ndou.

Warning I did not want to write this page but I just found out I have to so there you have it.

I am writing this post just to let people in on what I have been up to and there’s no better way to do this than to post links to all the resources and articles I have been creating over time. So today I am not going to say who is Justice Ndou and start telling you boring stories about myself, rather I am going to show you what I have been doing and you can tell stories about me yourself.

Justice Ndou on Forbes.

Find out more about me in Forbes blogs there’s a lot of interesting things you can learn about there, and luckily you might be able to find out some personal stuff about Justice Ndou there also.

Justice Ndou on Facebook.

Well I can also be found on Facebook and I want you to know it has never been easier for me to decide to create a Facebook profile but at the end saner minds prevail, and we’ll see what happened. I also created two Facebook Pages for my companies also. Freelancing Solutions and Blue IT Marketing.

Justice Ndou on Twitter.

Yes this one of my favourite platform for social networking, don’t get me wrong I just use social networks for business mostly so I find Twitter highly suitable, and no offence to any social networks out there, by the way there are more than 200 social networks out there, so it’s a lot to say no offence to.

Justice Ndou on WhosWho South Africa.

Well this kind of like explain by itself what it is about, the social network does exactly what I try to do every day and fail it tells you who I am.

Justice Ndou on LinkedIn.

I am on LinkedIn and believe me I am not looking for a job, that’s what most people use LinkedIn for, so yes you are going to find my resume there, just be careful I do not update it as often, I think I should probable get rid of that habit its very bad indeed, it’s probably because I still cannot find time to do everything I want to do so I am stuck doing what I have to do.

Justice Ndou on About Me.

Well again, this is just another social network that does a better job of telling people who I am than I can, and I should probably tell you that  the page there about Justice Ndou is not up to date, so visit this page at your own risk.
Well to tell you the truth if I am going to give you all the links about me, then I might as well as spend the rest of my miserable life doing just that, and I know you do not have the time to read all those things, because there’s a lot of stuff that I am doing currently.
So to save time and space let me call it quits.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Easy website hosting solutions

Easy website hosting solutions

When one speaks of website hosting solutions, everyone have their own picture of what that is, freelancing solutions is here to change that picture completely. There are a lot of website hosting packages out there and most of them are offering you the exact same thing all the time, with an exception of very companies that are willing to offer their customers business solutions together with their hosting packages.

Why easy website hosting solutions?

Our organization decided to offer our customers website hosting solutions that are not going to give them headaches after a careful consideration of the present market and also as we have noted that there’s a huge shortage of companies and organisations that are prepared to offer their clients everything they need to host a successful website.
The only time we can say a website is a successful one is when there are visitors who regularly make use of such website’s services. This means that a website cannot be successful without visitors and therefore an ability to make sales. And freelancing solutions offers their customers a way to make sure that this happens, and we do that by offering our clients access to our freelancers, and affiliate agents.

What are the extra benefits that goes with our website hosting solutions?

Access to our freelancers services

When one becomes our website hosting client he/she automatically becomes eligible to make use of the services of freelancers in the following way.
He/she can get advice on anything related to website hosting, development, online marketing, AdSense, Adwords, SEO, Article writing, and anything else related to his/her hosting account.
What this basically mean is that we give access to our clients to a free personal assistant to advise them in everything they have to do to make sure that their website becomes a successful one.
We also allow our website hosting clients to make use of our freelancers especially the ones that offers them advice to implement some of the solutions they recommend for them, and to make things interesting we give them a discount on their subscription fees for doing this.

Access to our affiliate marketing agents.

This allows our website hosting clients to basically promote their website, services, and products through our affiliates, and it allows our clients to have access to a readily available market for services and products without having to spend a lot of time and money building up their own affiliate marketing program.
Below is some of the website hosting packages that we offer.

·         Bronze website hosting solution.

·         Silver website hosting solution.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

New upgrade Allows Freelancers to take or Place Freelance Projects

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Freelancers are able to Take or Place Freelance Projects

The freelance solutions by Justice Ndou website is updated and it allows freelancers to take or place freelance projects online starting from today.

This means that freelancer that needs to get their projects online and those who would like submit their projects online are in luck as the service is up and running.

Looking for your own Personal Website check out this Hosting Solution as it is the cheapest Available

We are able to say that we have taken freelancing to the new level that it deserves, our website allows anyone to be able to also get guidance on taking and placing different kinds of projects, this means that if a freelance employer does not know what to look for on a freelancers proposal concerning certain freelance projects for example SEO Freelance Proposals from freelancers, freelance solutions website is able to tell freelance employers what to ask for from their freelancers so that they make sure that they get the best deals available. we simple do not tolerate any work of inferior standards by our freelancers. we make sure that our freelancers meet the minimum requirements needed to complete certain project accordingly to our standards.

Freelance Employers

Can submit their projects locally within our website and we will allocate those projects to our trusted and selected freelancers so they can complete this projects.

Freelancers Looking for projects

Freelancers that are looking for projects are first required to register with freelancer.com under our team and then after we will be able to use the account at freelancer to allocate the projects to them.

Monday, 17 February 2014

New Blue IT Marketing Website

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Blue IT Marketing

The company Blue IT Marketing for which i am a CEO has moved from www.blueitmarketing.com to http://www.blueitmarketing.host56.com , everything that could be done on www.blueitmarketing.com could now be done on the new website.

Blue IT Marketing Freelancers has Nothing To worry About.

Although the initial website moved the services which could be accessed from the Original Blue IT Marketing Website can still be accessed on the new website.

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New Products and Services to be introduced soon.

Blue IT Marketing will soon introduce new products and services on its main website at http://www.blueitmarketing.host56.com and we hope that our customers will be highly interested and also satisfied by our customer services and products.

The future of Blue IT Marketing Pty LTD.

Although our company Blue IT Marketing has been going through some rough times we have however revised our business plan in such a way that will make it a company that will continue to rise in leaps and bounds for the foreseeable future. and if you need to know which products and services we are going to introduce in our company i sujjest that you keep on visiting our website for more information.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Justice Ndou

Justice Ndou

To tell you the truth i want people to know who i am, most of all they should be able to know who i am based on my actions, That is my best actions and the worst actions that i have done in my life.

Which is the reason why i created this blog, it is an attempt to stay alive within people's thoughts, i do not want to be reduced to obscurity because of my inaction but id'rather its because of my action that i be known.

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Easy Website Hosting

So to tell you the most obvious thing about Justice Ndou is that he is not afraid to say his mind, Not afraid of failure, and most of all i am always willing to learn from my experiences.

Although i haven't had much in material means in my life i consider Myself Successful Mentally and Spiritually, The year of 2014 had shown me that in-spite of my position in life i still have something to offer the general public, and i am grateful of that, even if i have had a major setback recently that just shows how much i am trying to achieve in my life.

That being said, the rest of this blog is Dedicated to Capturing my Experiences in 2014 ( Justice Ndou Experiences ) and i hope the blog itself serves as i reminder for myself to forever excel in whatever it is that i set my sight on. 

Justice Ndou Goals

This year i am in the planning stages of a Business that when implemented will allow me to reach my goals in my life much more sooner. My goals are simpler and achievable, but needs dedication and self discipline.
My Goal
  • I intend to create Wealth for my Children in such a way that they never have to work to Earn a Living, but work to Help others.