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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Justice Ndou

Justice Ndou

To tell you the truth i want people to know who i am, most of all they should be able to know who i am based on my actions, That is my best actions and the worst actions that i have done in my life.

Which is the reason why i created this blog, it is an attempt to stay alive within people's thoughts, i do not want to be reduced to obscurity because of my inaction but id'rather its because of my action that i be known.

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So to tell you the most obvious thing about Justice Ndou is that he is not afraid to say his mind, Not afraid of failure, and most of all i am always willing to learn from my experiences.

Although i haven't had much in material means in my life i consider Myself Successful Mentally and Spiritually, The year of 2014 had shown me that in-spite of my position in life i still have something to offer the general public, and i am grateful of that, even if i have had a major setback recently that just shows how much i am trying to achieve in my life.

That being said, the rest of this blog is Dedicated to Capturing my Experiences in 2014 ( Justice Ndou Experiences ) and i hope the blog itself serves as i reminder for myself to forever excel in whatever it is that i set my sight on. 

Justice Ndou Goals

This year i am in the planning stages of a Business that when implemented will allow me to reach my goals in my life much more sooner. My goals are simpler and achievable, but needs dedication and self discipline.
My Goal
  • I intend to create Wealth for my Children in such a way that they never have to work to Earn a Living, but work to Help others.