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Saturday, 26 July 2014

About Justice Ndou

About Justice Ndou.

Warning I did not want to write this page but I just found out I have to so there you have it.

I am writing this post just to let people in on what I have been up to and there’s no better way to do this than to post links to all the resources and articles I have been creating over time. So today I am not going to say who is Justice Ndou and start telling you boring stories about myself, rather I am going to show you what I have been doing and you can tell stories about me yourself.

Justice Ndou on Forbes.

Find out more about me in Forbes blogs there’s a lot of interesting things you can learn about there, and luckily you might be able to find out some personal stuff about Justice Ndou there also.

Justice Ndou on Facebook.

Well I can also be found on Facebook and I want you to know it has never been easier for me to decide to create a Facebook profile but at the end saner minds prevail, and we’ll see what happened. I also created two Facebook Pages for my companies also. Freelancing Solutions and Blue IT Marketing.

Justice Ndou on Twitter.

Yes this one of my favourite platform for social networking, don’t get me wrong I just use social networks for business mostly so I find Twitter highly suitable, and no offence to any social networks out there, by the way there are more than 200 social networks out there, so it’s a lot to say no offence to.

Justice Ndou on WhosWho South Africa.

Well this kind of like explain by itself what it is about, the social network does exactly what I try to do every day and fail it tells you who I am.

Justice Ndou on LinkedIn.

I am on LinkedIn and believe me I am not looking for a job, that’s what most people use LinkedIn for, so yes you are going to find my resume there, just be careful I do not update it as often, I think I should probable get rid of that habit its very bad indeed, it’s probably because I still cannot find time to do everything I want to do so I am stuck doing what I have to do.

Justice Ndou on About Me.

Well again, this is just another social network that does a better job of telling people who I am than I can, and I should probably tell you that  the page there about Justice Ndou is not up to date, so visit this page at your own risk.
Well to tell you the truth if I am going to give you all the links about me, then I might as well as spend the rest of my miserable life doing just that, and I know you do not have the time to read all those things, because there’s a lot of stuff that I am doing currently.
So to save time and space let me call it quits.