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My Freelancing Portfolio Website is Freelancing Solutions and i also have a website dedicated to providing Freelancing Jobs and another one for hosting Freelancing Portfolio for other freelancers.

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Sunday, 2 March 2014

New upgrade Allows Freelancers to take or Place Freelance Projects

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Freelancers are able to Take or Place Freelance Projects

The freelance solutions by Justice Ndou website is updated and it allows freelancers to take or place freelance projects online starting from today.

This means that freelancer that needs to get their projects online and those who would like submit their projects online are in luck as the service is up and running.

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We are able to say that we have taken freelancing to the new level that it deserves, our website allows anyone to be able to also get guidance on taking and placing different kinds of projects, this means that if a freelance employer does not know what to look for on a freelancers proposal concerning certain freelance projects for example SEO Freelance Proposals from freelancers, freelance solutions website is able to tell freelance employers what to ask for from their freelancers so that they make sure that they get the best deals available. we simple do not tolerate any work of inferior standards by our freelancers. we make sure that our freelancers meet the minimum requirements needed to complete certain project accordingly to our standards.

Freelance Employers

Can submit their projects locally within our website and we will allocate those projects to our trusted and selected freelancers so they can complete this projects.

Freelancers Looking for projects

Freelancers that are looking for projects are first required to register with freelancer.com under our team and then after we will be able to use the account at freelancer to allocate the projects to them.