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Monday, 9 June 2014

Easy website hosting solutions

Easy website hosting solutions

When one speaks of website hosting solutions, everyone have their own picture of what that is, freelancing solutions is here to change that picture completely. There are a lot of website hosting packages out there and most of them are offering you the exact same thing all the time, with an exception of very companies that are willing to offer their customers business solutions together with their hosting packages.

Why easy website hosting solutions?

Our organization decided to offer our customers website hosting solutions that are not going to give them headaches after a careful consideration of the present market and also as we have noted that there’s a huge shortage of companies and organisations that are prepared to offer their clients everything they need to host a successful website.
The only time we can say a website is a successful one is when there are visitors who regularly make use of such website’s services. This means that a website cannot be successful without visitors and therefore an ability to make sales. And freelancing solutions offers their customers a way to make sure that this happens, and we do that by offering our clients access to our freelancers, and affiliate agents.

What are the extra benefits that goes with our website hosting solutions?

Access to our freelancers services

When one becomes our website hosting client he/she automatically becomes eligible to make use of the services of freelancers in the following way.
He/she can get advice on anything related to website hosting, development, online marketing, AdSense, Adwords, SEO, Article writing, and anything else related to his/her hosting account.
What this basically mean is that we give access to our clients to a free personal assistant to advise them in everything they have to do to make sure that their website becomes a successful one.
We also allow our website hosting clients to make use of our freelancers especially the ones that offers them advice to implement some of the solutions they recommend for them, and to make things interesting we give them a discount on their subscription fees for doing this.

Access to our affiliate marketing agents.

This allows our website hosting clients to basically promote their website, services, and products through our affiliates, and it allows our clients to have access to a readily available market for services and products without having to spend a lot of time and money building up their own affiliate marketing program.
Below is some of the website hosting packages that we offer.

·         Bronze website hosting solution.

·         Silver website hosting solution.